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Issuance and defense of generic computer expert reports, among others:

  • Assurance and protocolization of electronic evidence in order to guarantee the non-alteration of the data, making it possible to use it as evidence in a judicial process.

  • Debunk WhatsApp messages, emails, text messages and digital documents, presented in printed form on paper, together with statements of claim.

  • Cloning and analysis of hard drives or mobile devices, in order to identify computer clues related to detected irregularities.

  • Authentication of electronic documents and digital files such as emails, SMS, images, audio and video recordings, etc. accrediting and legitimizing its integrity.

  • Technical-computer clarifications on the authentication of sending and receiving emails and its attached documents.

  • Clarify technical questions about emails, analyzing the technical header to find out its origin and its authenticity.

  • Testimonial record of the content of a web page on the Internet.

  • Analysis and technical-legal clarifications on the test computer documentary in cars, carrying out a counter-examination or technical assessment.

  • Preparation of expert reports, defense and ratification in judicial proceedings.

Computer expert reports to present in Social Courts, among others:

    • Copy and analysis of computers and mobile phones owned by a company and used to work by an employee, identifying irregularities, motivating their dismissal.

    • Analyze and authenticate emails from the electronic mailbox that an employee was assigned to work within the company, respecting fundamental rights and procedural guarantees.

Computer expert reports to present in Investigative and Criminal Courts, among others:

    • Use of expert reports in criminal defense or computer counter-examination whose purpose is to defend oneself from the action for which a person is accused of:
    • To access to other people's email accounts, violating privacy
    • To damage the computer system, sabotaging and destroying information
    • Usurpation of identity, insults and threats through the Internet
    • Reveal industrial secrets or industrial espionage
    • Contradictory computer expert report with the purpose of ruling out the distribution or downloading of computer files through the Internet or P2P networks.
    • Clarifications and technical-computer discrepancies on the “Inspection record” and the “Report of previous inspection actions” issued by the Security Forces and Bodies.

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